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Blackie Knows What I’m Up To

My dog Blackie knows exactly what my camera is and what it does …okay, maybe not exactly but he definitely gets the general idea of it and knows what I’m up to when… Continue reading

The Importance of Props: Handsome Little Guy & This Hat

Whenever I’m preparing for a photo session with a child/children, especially the younger they are, I always make sure I grab a variety of props, accessories, and things for them to hold. Most… Continue reading

Beautiful Young Violinist

Isn’t this little violinist just beautiful?! And she’s only 5 years old! She might have a little work to do as far as actually playing the violin, but she certainly looks good holding… Continue reading

I love photos that have a serious & moody look to them. Sean’s I’m-ignoring-the-fact-that-you-won’t-quit-taking-pictures-of-me face works perfectly for this look.