About Mary

Just Me!Back when I was just a youngen’ in the 3rd grade, my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Michael invited my brother and I to go with them on a trip to my dream destination at the time, Hawaii. I was thrilled! For our big trip, they gave both my brother and I a special gift, cameras. These weren’t just disposable cameras or even like any regular cameras. They were yellow and green and made by Crayola. Yep, America’s favorite crayon maker also made cameras at the time. I was ecstatic about going to Hawaii and about using my very own, REAL camera! We had a great time in Hawaii and I took a ton of pictures! I won’t lie, the picture quality left much to be desired, but just the fact that I had taken those pictures all by myself with my own camera made them seem breathtaking to me. Once back home from Hawaii, I continued to use that camera. I loved taking pictures of my dog Blackie and would always try to dress him up in outfits that certainly were not suited for a big Labrador. I still have and cherish those pictures and that crazy colored camera. Though it may not have produced the best images, that camera helped to spark my interest in photography which ended up leading me to where I am today.

In addition to photography, I also love pretty much any other type of art or craft, whether it’s painting, drawing, making jewelry, making props for photos, decorating, etc. Other than doodles in my notebooks, I don’t get the time to actually draw as much as I’d like but I do occasionally take the time to work on a painting. I’m crazy about jewelry and all accessories & love to wear it & make them. I absolutely adore unique, vintage clothes and accessories (ones to wear & ones to decorate with) and love hunting for them as well in little antique shops and thrift stores.

I was raised in a terrific Southern Baptist family by two creative and crafty parents and have one older brother (he’s only older by 18 months). I’m a laid-back, Christian girl and I love my family, friends, my dog, and most importantly, God. If I am never able to affect others with my art, I hope to at least be able to positively affect someone with my Christian faith.

…Oh, and I can’t forget the thing that currently takes most of my money, I’m also a college student at Georgia Southern University in good ‘ol Statesboro, Georgia. Go Eagles! Cartoon Mary