Facebook Really Brings Out the High Schooler Within

Copyright Mary EKlecticCongratulations Facebook! You’ve managed to take a variety of adults and cram them all together in a virtual high school.

It seems that Facebook really brings out the clique-y, high schooler in many people. If you’re young enough to remember, high school is full of a variety of different cliques. (Though, having said that, I honestly don’t remember the “cliques” in high school, but just play along anyways)

Much like high school, Facebook contains a variety of cliques, too. The folks within these “cliques” will usually show their support for one another by “liking” and commenting on each others’ photos or statuses.

Many Facebookers are part of cliques based on their hobbies or interests. These cliques can usually be distinguished by the pages or groups on Facebook that a person “likes”.  Some examples include photographers who share lots of photos of different of subjects, such as flowers, pets, etc. (yeah, I’m guilty). There’s also people who are really into cars or trucks who will post lots of photos of their vehicles, especially if they’ve just taken their truck through the mud or just shined & waxed their fancy car.  And there’s the folks who work out who frequently post statuses about “hit’n up the gym” or their next marathon.

Lots of Facebook cliques concern a person’s beliefs or political views. I’m a Christian & sometimes share statuses that contain Bible verses or morals. Some people like to share seemingly endless photos with Bible verses or quotes on them (if you’ve seen these, you know what I’m talking about…I love the Bible, but, geez, some people get too carried away sharing these Bible verse/quote photos!). People in the political cliques will post statuses and lots of those meme photos that let you know their views on the government and our country. They want you to know what they believe & that they’re not afraid to share it.

Since I’m still in college, a major clique that I see is the stereotypical college kids (well, at least the ones at Georgia Southern). They’ll make statuses complaining about homework, tests, being stressed, and whatever else but somehow still manage to go out every weekend (which for them starts on Thursday, by the way) and drink till they drop, sometimes literally. Expect to see lots of beer-pong photos, pics at the bar, or pictures of their stash of alcohol for the weekend from these college goers. (I’ve been a college “kid” for a looong time now, but I’ve never been a drinker and I’ve had a job the entire time, which means little free time for me, so I’m absolutely not the stereotypical college kid. Luckily, I can experience the typical college student life vicariously via GSUProblems on Facebook, which is just as hilarious as it is shocking.)

And then there’s one of the possibly most prevalent cliques on Facebook: the young mothers (usually younger than 30 and often in their early 20’s), or what I refer to as The Mom Posse.  This is one group you do not mess with. For real. If you mess with a member of The Mom Posse on Facebook there will be plenty of other mothers there to back her up and virtually knock you out. It seems as though every young mother somehow knows every other young mother around. How? I don’t know. Perhaps there’s a database they join, who knows? No matter how they know one another, they usually will “like” each others’ photos and make comments about how precious each others’ children are and how much they’ve grown. You can tell someone is a member of The Mom Posse by her frequent instagram photos of her child/children and statuses sharing the crazy thing her kiddo(s) did that day or the fact that she needs a break (and if the kiddos really did the crazy thing she said, then yeah, she probably does need a break from those kids…and the kids might need a good spanking, but that’s a whole other topic).

Those are just a handful of the “cliques” I’ve seen on Facebook. Though in real life cliques are often thought of negatively, in the virtual world of Facebook, they really do help to unite people and help people to make new connections with people they otherwise might not have.

I hope that no one is offended by anything that was stated, cause it is all to be taken light-heartedly and I certainly didn’t mean it offensively…but it is what it is & I just call it like I see it.