Blackie Knows What I’m Up To

Copyright Mary E. Kirkland

My dog Blackie knows exactly what my camera is and what it does …okay, maybe not exactly but he definitely gets the general idea of it and knows what I’m up to when I have it in my hands.

How do I know this, you ask? Well, every time I try to take pictures of him he just about always decides to lay down just as I’m ready to get some shots of that handsome face of his.

He’s all smiling and trotting around, but as soon as I whip out my camera to sneak in a shot, BAM, he has flopped down on the ground! He’s a hefty boy but he certainly has no problem just plopping down on the ground like it’s nothing.

Sure, he’s equally handsome when he’s laying down, but geez, I just want more fun photos of him Not lying down! …But, I guess that’s just part of it when your dog is a handsome and incredibly intelligent Labrador like mine ;).