The Importance of Props: Handsome Little Guy & This Hat

Whenever I’m preparing for a photo session with a child/children, especially the younger they are, I always make sure I grab a variety of props, accessories, and things for them to hold. Most children aren’t the best at just sitting there & posing, so it’s important to go prepared with different things to keep them entertained, or at least occupied long enough so you can catch some different shots of them. It seems that children will cooperate better if they have something fun they can hold in their little hands.

For this shoot, I was getting ready to run out the door when I noticed this black fedora style hat I had & figured I might as well grab it. It ended up working perfectly! This handsome little one year old was all dressed up & the hat really topped (haha – kind of punny) it off. The black fedora hat changed his overall look from just a sweet little boy dressed up to a sweet little boy dressed up old-school gangsta’ style, which I totally dig! He didn’t say so (he is only one, after all), but I’m pretty sure he dug how he looked in the hat, as well! And could he be any cuter in it?!

Handsome Little Guy & a Fedora Hat