What’s the Deal With Not Sending Thank You Notes?!

thank you noteOver the years, I’ve given numerous gifts that I’ve yet to receive thank you notes for. But I’m sure they’re all just taking a little longer to get here, or maybe they got lost in the mail, or maybe the post office has a shoe box full of thank you cards waiting for me to pick them up, or maybe they were abducted by aliens …surely that’s what happened, RIGHT?! …Sadly, this is probably not the case at all. It seems as more and more people are not sending thank you cards as they should, and it makes me angry! Thank you cards should be an absolute Must when one receives a gift for a wedding, baby, graduation, and basically any occasion that you send invitations for!

It really infuriates me how some people have no problem spending who knows how much money to order fancy, probably over priced invitations to invite me to their shower or occasion but don’t spend maybe 50 cents to send me a thank you note after i have given them a gift. What are these people thinking?! Were they not raised properly or have they never learned proper etiquette? And FYI to anyone who doesn’t realize it, you can totally buy packs of quite classy looking thank you cards at the dollar store for only $1 plus tax, or even  cheaper, a simple piece of paper will suffice!

I know people who have gotten married and had more than one child all within just a few years really, and I gave a gift each time but have not received one single thank you note. (Due to how I know some of these people I was obligated to be the bigger person and give a gift each time despite the fact that they lack the manners to send thank you notes.) I try not to hold too many grudges, but I don’t forget stuff like that and it’s always in the back of my mind! Also, my family and I have always gone to church and have been members of a fairly large church since I was in about first grade, so I’ve been to plenty of showers at church, and some of those people didn’t even send thank you cards (not that people who go to church should be better with manners, but I suppose I just kind of expect them to be, which isn’t always the case)!

Thank you notes are such a great way to show your gratitude to someone for being thoughtful and generous enough to give you a gift. A sincere, handwritten thank you note is usually greatly appreciated and can mean so much to someone. Heck, even a very insincere thank you note will do. Sending any kind of thank you note at all will gain you some respect from most people.

And even if you send them out late, I think it’s better late than never. If someone who I gave a gift to several years ago but never sent me a thank you note from sent me one today, I would think much better of them & would greatly appreciate the fact that they finally wised up and decided to send me one.

And, for whatever reason if you don’t have someone’s address, with today’s technology, it’s probably very easy to get a hold of, so that’s no excuse. (Have you checked out spokeo.com?! Kinda creepy!) Plus, those old fashioned things consisting of tons of papers with addresses and phone numbers, better known as phone-books, still exist.

An idea that I’ve seen at a lot of showers that I’ve been to is to have the envelopes set up on a table so people can fill out their name and address on the envelope so later all you have to do is write out a thank you note, stamp it, and mail it off. I love this idea, it makes it so easy!

And I can’t forget to mention yet another benefit of thank you cards that could potentially help the entire country: if everyone sent thank you notes when they should, the U.S. Postal Service might not be in quite as bad of shape as it currently is!

So, I challenge you, the next time you receive a gift, ask yourself: Should I send a thank you note for this? And if the answer is yes, then do it!