Just a photo of yours truly!

It’s easy to tell just by looking at the header of this site that I love photography & plan on sharing it here. What it doesn’t tell you is that I also enjoy writing. I don’t enjoy math, but here’s an equation to sum (pun intended!) it all up anyways:

Blog {Writing} + Portfolio {Photography/Art} = Blogfolio*

As much as I love taking photos, editing photos, and the actual pictures themselves, I also love the stories behind the pictures. As cliché as it sounds, a picture really is worth a thousand words.
Plus, I know I appreciate knowing the “insider story” of a picture, whether it’s the daring way someone took a photo, the funny thing that happened at the photo session,  or the idea or inspiration behind a photo, so I’m hoping someone else will appreciate this as well. I also hope to share some of my many art and craft projects and hopefully some design projects as well.
Stay tuned for photography with stories, some arts & crafts, and some insight into the many eclectic thoughts that run through my head!

*Please note: There might be an actual correct definition or meaning of the term “blogfolio” that is different than the way it is used here. However, I neither know nor care about this and am using it in this way anyways 🙂