Failed Plans for Life and Value Canvases

After reading this fantastic piece, Because I’m a Twentysomething , I thought about my own life and my past expectations for my life. No joke, before I graduated high school, I had my… Continue reading

Facebook Really Brings Out the High Schooler Within

Congratulations Facebook! You’ve managed to take a variety of adults and cram them all together in a virtual high school. It seems that Facebook really brings out the clique-y, high schooler in many… Continue reading

Happy President’s Day Outfit!

Well, actually happy very belated President’s Day …I’m usually behind with everything, but that’s not the point here. I’ll take any excuse to dress in a fun, themed outfit, including President’s Day. To… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Can Be As Sweet As Conversation Hearts Candy

1. After Valentine’s Day sales. All that candy that hasn’t been purchased will soon be at least 50 percent off once Valentine’s Day is over. Not that I need to be eating candy,… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Sucks More Than Your Mom’s Old Flowbee

1. Because of Valentine’s Day or the fact that love is in the air, actual grown men and wannabe-thug men feel compelled to buy giant $39.99 teddy bears. (True story, I really did… Continue reading

Blackie Knows What I’m Up To

My dog Blackie knows exactly what my camera is and what it does …okay, maybe not exactly but he definitely gets the general idea of it and knows what I’m up to when… Continue reading

Dear Kid In Class Sitting Next to Me to Eating Cheetos,

Dear Kid In Class Sitting Next to Me to Eating Cheetos, How nice of you to choose to sit next to me when there are about 70 other seat options in this class?!… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Cuss

I’m a Christian girl with strong beliefs living in a crazy world with people who believe very differently than I do. And that’s okay. However, as a Christian, of course I want others… Continue reading

Homemade Grown Up “Lunchable”

I’m a super thrifty girl and I absolutely hate spending money on stuff that won’t last, such as food. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, but homemade is usually cheaper &… Continue reading

The Importance of Props: Handsome Little Guy & This Hat

Whenever I’m preparing for a photo session with a child/children, especially the younger they are, I always make sure I grab a variety of props, accessories, and things for them to hold. Most… Continue reading

What’s the Deal With Not Sending Thank You Notes?!

Over the years, I’ve given numerous gifts that I’ve yet to receive thank you notes for. But I’m sure they’re all just taking a little longer to get here, or maybe they got… Continue reading

Beautiful Young Violinist

Isn’t this little violinist just beautiful?! And she’s only 5 years old! She might have a little work to do as far as actually playing the violin, but she certainly looks good holding… Continue reading

I love photos that have a serious & moody look to them. Sean’s I’m-ignoring-the-fact-that-you-won’t-quit-taking-pictures-of-me face works perfectly for this look.

Just so you know…

I originally planned on using this “blog” as an alternative to a photography website, but of course I’m far too A.D.D. for just that. So, this is likely to be some photography stuff… Continue reading

Why I DON’T Like Santa Claus

Ok, ok, I was kind of kidding. I actually do like Santa and I love Christmas time. However, there are some reasons to make me not like Santa. First of all, I Hate… Continue reading